The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking

The Centre identifies trafficked persons and offers assistance according to the national action plan for combating human trafficking. The Centre also disseminates knowledge about human trafficking, offers training and education to relevant stakeholders.

The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking, established in 2007, is part of The Danish Authority of Social Services and Housing. The Centre is one of the main actors in the nationwide social efforts combating human trafficking.

The Centre’s multidisciplinary team coordinates and ensures development of the nationwide efforts to combat human trafficking. The Centre identifies persons exploited into human trafficking and offers assistance, support, and counselling, as outlined in the national Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking, 2022-2025. The Ministry of Gender Equality is overall responsible for implementation of the action plan.

Education and training

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The Centre provides education and training to relevant actors in the field to improve their ability to identify human trafficking. Over the years, the Centre has trained judges, prosecutors, investigators, the Danish Working Environment Authority, the Danish Tax Agency and other partners and organisations.

Hotline and contact to the Centre

The most accessible way to contact the Centre is through its Hotline, P: +45 70 20 25 50. The hotline can help you if you are a victim of human trafficking or if you suspect that a person might be exploited into human trafficking.

You are also welcome to contact the hotline if you need guidance or knowledge about human trafficking in Denmark. The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking can also be contacted at Please notify us in advance if you need to send confidential information.

For more information on the Centre, please contact or reach out to the Head of The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking, Trine Ingemansen, e-mail:

Suspicion of human trafficking? Call: +45 7020 2550