Where to get help

For counselling and support, please contact the Danish Centre against Human trafficking. You can contact us anonymously, if you wish. Call our hotline: (+45) 7020 2550. Opening hours: weekdays 9-15 as well as weekends and holidays: 9-15. We speak English and Danish and we can arrange to have an interpreter present, if needed.

If you do not speak Danish or English, you can write an email in your language to: sikkermail.menneskehandel@sbst.dk. Your email will be translated and we can contact you along with an interpreter.

Information from Unions

Free Health Services

  • The Red Cross Health Clinic Copenhagen 
    Reventlowsgade 10
    1651 København V
    Open: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 5-8 pm
  • The Red Cross Health Clinic Aarhus
    Ryesagde 1, 2nd floor
    8000 Aarhus C
    Open: Monday and Thursday 5-8 pm
  • The Red Cross Health Clinic Odense
    Studio Statera
    Mageløs 12, 2nd floor
    5000 Odense C
    Open: Tuesday 5-7 pm